STP 44th

Specialized Training Programme

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The Specialized Training Programme for the Pakistan Administrative Service (PAS) aims to develop Probationary Officers into Civil Servants in the true sense of the word and spirit, enabling them to perform their duties judiciously and effectively in accordance with law. The primary objective of the training programme is to impart professional knowledge and skills to the probationers. It aims to equip the probationers with a thorough understanding of Local Government System, Public Policy, Macro-Economic Management, Urban Governance, Public Sector Management and Government Finance. In addition, the training also seeks to develop a working knowledge of constitutional law, administrative law and jurisprudence. The probationary officers are also provided with an extensive exposure to Law of Evidence, Revenue Laws, Pakistan Penal Code and procedural laws such as Criminal Procedure Code and the Civil Procedure Code. Significant exposure to practical aspects of the training is also ensured through field attachments and visits.

Areas of Study

Sports & Physical Training

Civil Services Academy lays Prime emphasis on the physical aspect of training through Sports to keep the minds and bodies of Probationary Officers in a healthy state. These are mandatory and graded activities for both male and female officers. These activities also inculcate qualities of leadership and teamwork, vital for all the future assignments in professional career of the probationary officers. Sports activities are conducted in the evening with probationers required to participate actively in at least one sport each day.


Horse riding is an essential part of the STP and an old tradition of the Service. Riding is conducted under the supervision of qualified instructors and CSA faculty in a purposeful way at the Walton Campus.

Indoor Games

 There is also a gym for physical exercise in the Academy. Probationers are graded on the basis of their attendance, participation and achievements. Participation must be active and meaningful

Outdoor Games

The Academy ensures availability of qualified sports instructors/coaches to facilitate the probationary officers in coaching to play the sports.


A swimming pool is available at the PAS Campus. Swimming is a mandatory part of the STP and is a graded activity.

Training Strategy and Techniques

Extension Lectures

Panel Discussions

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Field Work

Country Study Tour

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