The CSA houses two auditoriums. The Iqbal Auditorium is centrally air-conditioned and has a seating capacity of 500. It is used on occasions like joint sessions, extension lectures, presentations, special ceremonies and programmes organized by the Academy. The Jinnah Auditorium is used for joint classes where two or more Academic Groups can jointly assemble to take classes. It is also used for the purpose of conducting cultural nights.

Ms. Maria Afzal
Deputy Director (CB)

An officer belonging to Office Management Group (45th Common). She held various positions in the Civil Service of Pakistan i.e. as a Section Officer in the Ministry of Industries and Production and SAFRON, Manager Commercial (National Fertilizer Marketing Limited, NFML) and an Assistant Director – Admin (PAS, CSA). She was a part of team which successfully 43rd STP of PAS officers (2020-2021), 1st Specialized MCMC Programme in PAS Campus. Moreover, she worked as an Assistant Director (T&C) in the 49th and 50th CTP and as a Deputy Director (General) during the 51st CTP in the Civil Services Academy Lahore. Her areas of expertise are research writing, public speaking, HR management.