STP 45th

Specialized Training Programme

PAS Campus has launched a new initiative of quarterly bulletin of Pakistan Administrative Service.       -       PAS Campus is now officially partnered with Punjab Revenue Academy for training regarding land revenue.

Introducing The PAS Post

Campus Tour

Orientation Address

The 45th specialized training program started off with probationary officers seated on floor mats placed on the green lawns of the PAS campus. The directo general gave a briefing to orient the officers regarding the principles and core areas of focus of the STP. Subsequently, the officers were introduced to their home for the months to come the historic PAS campus of the civil services academy.

Meetings & Visits

Chief Secretary Punjab chaired the Briefings given to 45th STP by different Departments and a thorough Q&A Session held.Afterwards briefing on the history of Civil Secretariat & visit to the archives museum at Tomb of anarkali held.
Briefing Session; 45th STP with faculty at the office of Inspector General of Punjab Police, Lahore.
A visit of the Probationary Officers of the 45th STP-PAS to the Lahore High Court and meeting with the Honourable Chief Justice LHC.

Briefings & Discussion session held with Chairman Planning & Development Board, Punjab & Team.

Probationary officers of the 45th STP visited two important sites for Sikhism in Lahore on Saturday 21st May, 2022. The sites chosen were the Gurdwara Dera sahab and Samadhi of Ranjit Singh; and the aim of the visit was to appreciate interfaith harmony and cooperation being manifested in the multicultural milieu of Lahore. The sites have been cared for by Muslim caretakers since partition and there is a close collaboration between Sikhs and Muslims for the maintenance and proper functioning of the complex. Muslim Rababi musicians were present inside the samadhi to present Gurbaani, reciting excerpts from Guru Granth sahab, the holy book and living Guru of Sikhism. Religious proceedings inside the samaadhi were halted in respect of the azaan, when the Muslim call to prayer was heard from the nearby Badshahi masjid. Sikh community leaders warmly welcomed the probationary officers, apprised them of the Sikh faith and also served langar in the langar hall as a token of respect for their guests. Their warm hospitality and openness to share their faith made the entire experience enjoyable, worthwhile and full of learning.


“ Patwari ka Basta ”

Workshop in collaboration with
Punjab Revenue Academy

Perhaps one of the most beneficial and hands-on program during the 45th STP, was the workshop organized in collaboration with the Punjab Revenue Academy. Probationary officers were tasked with designed a full-fledged masavi (field map) of the PAS Campus.


“ Civil Procedure Code ”

Workshop of Pleadings and Court work

A two day workshop was organized for probationary officers on the lines of a Moot Court. POs had to come up with plaints and written replies, for assigned cases. Later, each group was pitted against the other to argue their case in front of a judge appointed from one of the participants. The exercise provided a brilliant opportunity to learn certain procedural concepts of the Civil Procedure Code.

Extension Lectures

New Partnerships

PAS Campus CSA and The Punjab Revenue Academy, Board of Revenue Punjab entered into a collaboration for the advancement of Revenue Training, Capacity Building and Research today.