preparation of 50th CTP

Number of new projects were undertaken before 50th CTP. The projects aimed to improve the infrastructure and training facilities at Civil Services Academy, Walton Campus.

Joining Day
50th CTP

50th CTP commenced from 14th November, 2022. Registration of probationary officers was conducted. The probationary officers were divided into six Groups namely, The Invictus, The Explorer, The Spartans, Phoenix, Markhor, Bravehearts. Each Group came for registration on designated time. 50th CTP assumed charge after signing Charge assumption reports.


Cafe 24
Opening Ceremony


Dressing Etiquette

Mr. Hamid Saeed
International Image & Wardrobe Consultant

Talk on SDGs framework

Mr. Ali Kemal, Chief SDG’s
Ministry of Planning, Development & Special Initiatives and Planning Commission

Talk by Dr. Amjad Saqib

A talk was delivered by Dr. Amjad Saqib founder Akhuwat to the Probationary Officers of 50th CTP on Poverty Alleviation.

Learning From Community

Group No 1

Group No 2

Group No 3

Group No 4

Group No 5

Group No 6