Mess Regulation
  1.  All probationers shall be members of the campus mess. All faculty members of the academy shall also be ex-officio members of the Mess.
  2.  All probationers are required to have their meals in the dining hall. 
  3. Meals shall be served only during the hours notified from time to time by Programme Wing.
  4. All probationers are required to be dressed as per guidelines given in this Handbook while taking their meals in the dining hall. It would be the responsibility of the Mess Management Committee to ensure that probationers attend mess properly attired and to report violations. Casual or frivolous attire will NOT be allowed in the Officers’ Mess. (Shorts, Tracksuit Trousers, Chappals,Joggers would not be allowed and would count as a violation and would be marked as a violation).
  5. Probationary officers should ensure diligent hand washing and use of sanitizer when entering and leaving the mess hall.

  6. All probationers are expected to extend courteous behavior towards mess staff. Any probationer having any complaint regarding the quality of food, behavior of mess staff or any other mess matter, will report to the pmc/ member food who will, in consultation with the faculty member in-charge of mess matters, take prompt action for their rectification.

  7. Officer like behavior may be demonstrated at all times in the mess hall. No uproar or noise may be created during official timings. Cake cutting for any kind of celebration is strictly not allowed. Probationers planning to celebrate any event may do so in the café 24 during break hours with the prior permission of faculty in charge of the mess.

  8. No probationary officer is allowed to enter in the kitchen.

  9. Probationers are not allowed to take mess crockery and cutlery outside the mess hall. Taking mess items outside the hall will be considered as minor violation.

  10. Meals are not allowed to be delivered in the hostels except for medical reasons. Special permission may be given by the hostel wardens/ house in charges on case to case basis.

Mess Functions

 Inaugural Night and other functions shall be arranged.
 Participation in Inaugural/Cultural Nights is compulsory for all members.
 Dress regulations regarding mess functions shall be observed strictly.

Mess Staff

The Mess Steward will work under the overall supervision of the Faculty Member In-charge of
mess matters and shall be responsible for:
(i) Safe custody, up-keep and cleanliness of all furniture, equipment, fittings, cutlery and
crockery of the mess. The mess staff shall be liable to replace any item that may be lost,
broken or damaged, other than through normal wear and tear.
(ii) Cleanliness of the dining hall, kitchen, pantry and other premises attached to the Mess.
(iii) Monitoring of cooks vis-à-vis preparation of food according to the approved menu and
its timely service to the probationers.
(iv) Correct and courteous behavior of the Mess staff towards the probationers. Complaints
against misbehavior of mess staff shall be made through the PMC to the Faculty Member
In-charge of Mess affairs. Complaints of misbehavior of probationers towards mess staff,
or violation of dress code shall be reported by Mess Steward to the Faculty Member Incharge of mess matters.
(v) Maintenance of separate registers of purchases, stocks and stores, attendance at meals and
record of guests.
(vi) The Mess Clerk will report to the Faculty Member In-charge of mess and will put up all
matters related to the functioning of the Mess to him/her

Mr. Khawaja Maaz Tariq
Additional Director (P)

Khawaja Maaz Tariq is a dynamic Information professional with extensive experience in international relations, public diplomacy, and media and communication management. As a seasoned Director, he successfully led the External Publicity Wing, fostering institutional relations with the media of Europe & Americas. His role as Press Attaché at the Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi showcased his strategic communication prowess. With a background in economics and a masters in International Banking and Finance, Khawaja Maaz is equipped with a solid academic foundation. His skills in data analytics and IT complement his exceptional interpersonal and leadership abilities.