Civil Services Academy recently conducted an “In-Service Training” for the newly recruited officers of Election Commission of Pakistan from 31st July, 2023 to 11th August, 2023. As officers of a major organization like Election Commission of Pakistan, the incoming officers shoulder a profound responsibility to exemplify unwavering honesty, uphold virtuous principles, and tirelessly endeavor to contribute to the betterment of both their institution and the broader nation. Keeping this in mind, Civil Services Academy designed a comprehensive course comprised of multifarious topics to cover in the training. The officers were given in-depth understanding of financial management and budget making, Rules of Business and Civil Servants (Efficiency and Discipline Rules, 2020) and responsible usage of social media. Time management, negotiation, leadership and communication skills were especially included in the course to cultivate a versatile skill set among the officers and enable a dynamic and relevant professional demeanor.

Displaying exemplary conduct and dedication, the officers of the Election Commission of Pakistan successfully completed their ‘In-service Training’. They left the Civil Services Academy with more zeal and enthusiasm for their future, and better equipped to make a positive and impactful contribution throughout their career.

Mr. Khawaja Maaz Tariq
Additional Director (P)

Khawaja Maaz Tariq is a dynamic Information professional with extensive experience in international relations, public diplomacy, and media and communication management. As a seasoned Director, he successfully led the External Publicity Wing, fostering institutional relations with the media of Europe & Americas. His role as Press Attaché at the Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi showcased his strategic communication prowess. With a background in economics and a masters in International Banking and Finance, Khawaja Maaz is equipped with a solid academic foundation. His skills in data analytics and IT complement his exceptional interpersonal and leadership abilities.