7th DSMCMC Certificate Distribution Ceremony

Professionalism and proficiency of civil servants has become all the more important in the current competitive world. Mid-Career and Senior Management courses are a step towards constant improvement of knowledge and acquiring of new socially important skills for civil servants of mid-career and senior level respectively. However, over the years, it has been observed that a gap still remains there between the skills and knowledge given at these courses and the actual requirements of officers working in various occupational groups.

In this regard, Civil Services Academy, Pakistan Administrative Service (PAS) Campus, has been entrusted with the responsibility to conduct Domain Specific MCMCs (DSMCMCs) for officers of Pakistan Administrative Service (PAS) by the Federal Cabinet, based on a decision made in 2020. So far, PAS Campus has conducted seven (07) such courses. These courses play a pivotal role in preparing the officers for their new phase of professional careers, especially in the critical area of policy formulation. To ensure the highest quality of training and to equip the officers with hands-on experience in evidence-based policy-making, PAS Campus has established collaborations with both public and private institutions. One of the key components of DSMCMCs is the development of policy papers by participants. These papers are instrumental in shaping the future policy landscape of the country.