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11 Aug 2023

50th CTP Passing Out Ceremony

12 Apr 2023

Farewell Dinner

10 Apr 2023

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Common Training Program


Mid Carrer Management Course


Learning From Heritage

Probationary officers, hail from different areas of Pakistan, are introduced to the historical sites in Lahore, which was one of three Mughal capitals, alongside Delhi and Agra, and form part of Pakistan’s heritage.

Dining Etiquette Session

Dining etiquette sessions an essential part of CTP. The probationary officers are briefed on proper etiquette of professional dining, which is followed by a practical formal dining session.

Cultural Nights

Cultural nights at CSA are centered around celebrating and promoting cultural diversity, understanding, and awareness among probationary officers who belong to different cultural backgrounds. These events are organized by probationary officers to showcase the traditions, art, cuisine, and other aspects of various cultures.


Individual and Inter-group sports competitions are organized at CSA to promote an active and healthy lifestyle among probationary officers. The saying “Mens sana in corpore sano” (A sound mind in a sound body ) underpins the importance of an active lifestyle because both mind and body are important and health of one is connected to that of the other.

Panel Discussions

Seminars/Panel Discussions: Eminent scholars and professionals are invited from time to     time to participate in seminars and panel discussions on different contemporary issues   related to the syllabi.

Mr. Khawaja Maaz Tariq
Additional Director (P)

Khawaja Maaz Tariq is a dynamic Information professional with extensive experience in international relations, public diplomacy, and media and communication management. As a seasoned Director, he successfully led the External Publicity Wing, fostering institutional relations with the media of Europe & Americas. His role as Press Attaché at the Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi showcased his strategic communication prowess. With a background in economics and a masters in International Banking and Finance, Khawaja Maaz is equipped with a solid academic foundation. His skills in data analytics and IT complement his exceptional interpersonal and leadership abilities.