DG's Message

An equal emphasis is laid on inculcating the right attitude and passion for delivering service to the common man efficiently and expeditiously. For this, we stress upon the values of discipline, hard work, conscientiousness, fair play and above all humility in the discharge of one’s duties. The CSA team, will make every effort to provide an enabling environment and expect the undertraining to make the best use of this opportunity. The Common Training Programme also aims to teach the probationary officers how to conduct themselves as a civil servant. Professional and social ethics, sportsman spirit and dignified behaviour are the basic norms expected of a civil servant. As the probationary officers come from different provinces and regions of Pakistan, the CTP provides a golden opportunity to understand the varied cultures of Pakistan and the problems being faced by different regions. This would also help instill in the future officers a sense of national harmony and an esprit de corps. I look forward to trainees’ active participation in this training programme and wish them success throughout their career.