Muhammad Umar

Project Manager

FSP, 46th CTP

I did my Electrical Engineering from UET Lahore and MBA from IBA Karachi.
I was the leading person behind the development of this portal. The idea was to provide a platform for the interaction, communication and facilitation of Alumni, Probationers and Administration of Civil Services Academy. I started working on it and with-in a short time of less than 3 months I was able to execute it completely along with my team. Working on this was one of the best experiences. I hope that this will add a lot of value to the civil service fraternity. I expect support from all the probationers, alumni and most importantly civil services academy to consider it their responsibility to make this portal a success which will be a future central platform for all to come together.

Tehreem Kanwal

Project Co-ordinator

FSP, 46th CTP

After completing my BSc. in Economics and Management from LSE, I worked at Nishat Chunian Group as Manager Marketing and Communications. I planned and executed their marketing campaigns. I gained experience about digital marketing and engaging audiences through various social media platforms. This inspired me to volunteer in developing a common platform for officers from all Commons to build their networks and stay in touch with each other while simultaneously using CSA as an intermediary for their interaction. Therefore, along with my team, we planned to develop a portal which would serve as an interactive and informative junction for CSA alumni, management and the CTP. Together we wish to utilize this platform effectively and let our fraternity benefit from it for times to come.


Project Co-ordinator

FSP, 46th CTP

Waseem is a CSP officer of 46th Common. He holds a Master's degree in Computer Science from NUST and a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from UET, Taxila. He loves composing ghazals, taking candid shots, singing melodious songs and traveling with his friends.

Project Funding

The project was funded by CSA Alumni Chapter Lahore. For funding the project, we would like to specially thank the following people:

Mr. Syed Nadeem Hussain Rizvi

Chief commissioner Inland Revenue CRTO Lahore and Chairman CSA Alumni Lahore Chapter.

Mr. Jamshed Dahir Fakhri

Commissioner inland revenue, Zone-4, CRTO Lahore.

Shahzad Ali khan

Deputy commissioner Inland Revenue , Zone-4 , CRTO Lahore.

Special Thanks To:

Mr. Zulfiqar Younis (Director CTP)

For his great vision, guidance and sheer support towards the development of this portal. His dedication towards this project led to the success of this project.

Ms. Ayesha Zareen (Additional Director)

Has been forth coming in her support for the development of this portal. Being the faculty in-charge of Alumni Club, she played a great role from proposal of the project to its completion.

Mr. Rehan Kazmi (Deputy Director-IT)

Has supported us for gathering data and his guidance through out the project has been pivotal.

Mr. Akbar Nasir Khan (DIG Safe City Authority Lahore

For his support in providing server space for this portal.

Sonia Sadaf (Content Development)

Worked to develop the data base for the alumni which was important in establishing the directory and profiles of alumni.

Aabgeney Khan (Content Development)

Worked on developing the content for the portal.

Waseem Khan (Design Development)

Having experience in the field of development have been pivotal in developing this project. He played very important role in the design and development phase.

Syed Muhammad Ali Gilani

Chief Executive Officer, Ranglerz

On Behalf of team Ranglerz, I thank all Civil Services Academy team members who trusted us, giving this opportunity to work for them and express sincere appreciation for the pleasant association we enjoy with you. We are offering IT services since 2013 and no doubt it is one of the best project we achieved. Normally these kinds of web portals takes 6 months to 1 year in designing and development but because of timely cooperation of CSA Team and the day & night efforts of our IT Team Alhamdulillah it is ready to go in a very short span of only 2.5 months. I hope that this will add a lot of value to the civil service fraternity and facilitates all alumni’s better as it is a centralized platform for them.