Brief Overview

The CTP Wing, headed by Director (CTP) at Walton Campus, supervises all aspects of the Common Training Programme, including the academic, training and sports component. Chief Instructors, Additional Directors, Deputy Directors and other staff assist Director CTP in implementation of training activities. Academic Group In-charges are responsible for supervising and mentoring the probationers of assigned Academic Group, which is also called a ‘House’. There are five Academic Houses  i.e. Jinnah, Iqbal, Liaquat, Sir Syed & Jauhar.

The Training Framework is based on effectively achieving the key objectives of the Common Training Program. The focus is on i) knowledge enhancement, ii) skill development and iii) attitudinal change. Training activities are organized in line with the training framework. Evaluation is also undertaken keeping in view these focus areas.

Civil Services Academy lays prime emphasis on the physical aspect of training through Sports and Physical Training (PT) to keep the minds and bodies of Probationary Officers in a healthy state.  These are mandatory and graded activities for both male and female officers.