The Web Portal is a landmark of the Civil Services Academy which has been developed and launched with a view to giving its visitors an exposure to the important features and facets of civil service training imparted to the new entrants into government service selected by the Federal Public Service Commission through a highly intensive competitive examination, to find out intellectual cream that may be able to serve the nation in different territories of the country. After having been appointed the selected young males and females by the Establishment Division, who belong to various occupational groups in accordance with their capacity and capabilities, they are sent to the Civil Service Academy where they are equipped with knowledge of different useful subjects, Managerial Skills, Information, Communication and Technology, Inter-personal Relationship, as a pre-service training to make them closer to one another beyond the territorial differences so that they make take up their field assignments more successfully. After passing out the Common Training Programme, the Probationary Officers of the whole batch report to the Specialized Training Institutions of their respective Occupational Groups where they undergo professional training for 6-8 months to become eligible to sit in their offices to carry out government business in letter and spirit. The Civil Services Academy has two campuses: one is the main Walton Campus where the whole batch is imparted training collectively, and the other is the PAS Campus located at Shahrah-e-Quaid-e-Azam where Probationary Officers of the Pakistan Administrative Service (PAS) is given an in-depth exposure into multifarious subjects such as  Public Management & Governance, Public Administration & Procedures, Economic Development & Social Change, Local Government System, Urban Development, Land Revenue Laws, Public Financial Management, Qanoon-e-Shahadat Order, Constitution of Pakistan, Administrative and special laws under a strategically designed methodology to make them address common problems of people, sit in the courts to take just decisions on different issues under the laws that they learnt during their Specialized Training Programme conducted by the Civil Services Academy at its campus specifically meant for the training of the Pakistan Administrative Service formerly known as District Management Group. To enhance their analytical abilities, syndicate research work is assigned to them. Regional languages are also taught by eminent scholars to help them interact with people of their districts other than that of their home-district and province.