The common training is literally construed as combined training imparted to the Probationary Officers from all over the country who join the programme held by the Civil Services Academy (CSA), Lahore after having passed out highly competitive CSS Examination which is conducted by the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC), Islamabad at different centres. Thereafter, a merit-wise list of selectees belonging to various Occupational Groups is sent to the Establishment Division, Government of Pakistan, Islamabad for issuing offer letters to the selectees for regular appointment in BS-17 with an option to accept the offer letters sent to the them, send acceptances to the Establishment Division, Civil Services Academy and departments as per their Occupational Groups. In case of offer letters accepted by the selectees, the Civil Services Academy, Lahore writes a detailed welcome letters to the selectees whereby they are apprised of the environment within the premises of the Civil Services Academy, Common Training Programme (CTP) being a residential training programme. The selectees are also welcomed to contact the Coordination Wing of CSA telephonically to obtain any further information concerning what documents they have to bring along with them on the day of joining the CSA, and any other personal belongings, on their own responsibility, that they may consider necessary to bring in addition to the on-campus residential facilities. There are separate hostels for male and female Probationary Officers at the Walton Campus of the Civil Services Academy and that they are finally expected to reach the Civil Services Academy, Lahore for joining the training programme by a specific date.


On their arrival at CSA, the process of registration is completed for which prior arrangement is made by deputing a team of expert officials and officers. Room allocation in hostels is carried out fairly through balloting. After the Probationary Officers have occupied their rooms in the respective hostels, inaugural ceremony is held in the Main Hall with seating capacity of 500 people. In the said ceremony, the Director General being the overall head of the Institution addresses the Probationary Officers. Subsequently, the Director (CTP) being head of the Programme Wing, the Director(A&F) being head of Administration Wing, Chief Instructors, Director(Capacity Building), Additional Directors from Programme, Administrating and Information Technology Wings, Deputy Directors and other officers having multifarious assignments, also address the Probationary Officers giving them an exposure into various subjects to be taught to them during their stay at the Civil Services Academy, Lahore.


To gauge their proficiency in Information Technology as well as typing speed, the whole batch of the Probationary Officers is given opportunity to sit in well-equipped computer labs., at the initial stage under direct supervision of the Additional Director and Deputy Director of the IT Wing so that decision may be taken to give more opportunities to those Probationary Officers with weak proficiency to benefit from the computer labs., in the evening to improve their skills of Information Technology which is a graded activity of the training programme.