Specialized Training Programme (STP) of PAS
1 The Specialized Training Programme for the Pakistan Administrative Service (PAS) is organized by the Civil Services Academy at its Campus located at Shahrah-e-Quaid-e-Azam.
2 The Civil Services Academy was established at its present location in 1950 to train officers newly recruited to the then Civil Service of Pakistan (CSP), a corps of professionally trained administrators whose members performed their duties as Assistant Commissioners, Deputy Commissioners and Commissioners in the field and positions in the Federal and Provincial Secretariats.
3 Till 1958, training consisted of an integrated four phase programme which included:
  (a)  an eight months course at the Academy;
  (b)  a six months stay in East Pakistan for an exposure to practical administration;
  (c)  a one year programme at Oxford or Cambridge in Public Administration, Development Economics, Constitutional Law and History;
  (d)  a field position of over one year as Assistant Commissioner (under-training) to gain practical experience. The training in England and in East Pakistan was discontinued from 1959.
4 The Specialized training at the Academy was discontinued after the year 1973. The basic functions of the former CSP were assigned the District Management Group (DMG). The DMG probationers were assigned directly to districts as Assistant Commissioners (Under Training) on completion of the newly introduced Common Training Programme (CTP) which consisted of 8 months of joint training for probationers of all service groups at the Walton Campus of the Academy. The adverse effects of a lack of basic training in the functional requirements of the DMG soon became evident and after a review of the training programme in 1979, it was decided that on completion of the CTP, the DMG probationers would undergo a Specialized Training Programme (STP) conducted by the Civil Services Academy.
5 The first programme was conducted by the Academy in June, 1980 at the Pakistan Academy for Rural Development, Peshawar, as adequate facilities were not available at the Civil Services Academy at its Lahore Campus. Subsequent programmes were, however, organized by the Civil Services Academy in Lahore.
6 The syllabus of the STP is periodically reviewed to ensure proper grooming of officers and to prepare them for the challenges they would face during their careers.
7 38th DMG / PAS Specialized  Training  Programmes  have  so  far  been  conducted by the Civil Services Academy, and the 39th 39th commenced on April 01, 2016.